Friday, July 6, 2012

Business is Picking Up

So I've been working on promoting by sewing business more and it seems to be working.  I haven't done anything super over the top yet, but I have done some word of mouth advertising and facebook stuff.  Since I started trying to push it more, I've received orders for several things...

A hooded towel:
Eight personalized keychains:
Digitizing a design for a customer.  I don't have a picture of any digitizing I've done.
Seven embroidered towels:
And a pillowcase dress:
So, I'm staying busy trying to get all these orders going. :)  I've finished some of them but still have lots more to go.  And of course I'm hoping to get more orders as people continue to hear about the business. 

These pictures that I've posted are previous things that I've made.  I'm hoping to get pictures up of some of the orders I'm working on, but right now we're having some camera issues.

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soontobeSaucier said...

So happy for u! Trey loves his froggy towel, it's so cute and just the right size for him. Thanks so much