Monday, March 25, 2013

Embroidery on Stockings

I had a customer who found these cute stockings on Black Friday last year. 
 She got them for a ridiculously good price and then wanted them embroidered.
 I love this font, especially on these stockings.  I think it really stands out and is nice and bold looking.

 I'm sure these looked very cute hanging on the fireplace at Christmas time.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ring Bearer

Being in the embroidery business is lots of fun.  I love making things for people that are unique and different than what they can go buy at Wal Mart or Target.  
I got a call from a customer whose daughter was getting married.  They found themselves just a few days before the wedding having trouble finding gifts for the two ring bearers.  The boys are brothers and have every toy and fun thing they could possibly want.  The boys were very into super heroes so the bride had the idea to get them capes.  They bought two vampire capes which I modified slightly and then embroidered ring bearer on the back.
I spoke to the mother of the bride the next week and she said the boys loved the capes and had already worn them a bunch. It's a blessing for me to be able to help people find special gifts for important people in their lives.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Boys, Boys, Boys

I have a customer who has 5 boys!  She is one of the most patient, laid back moms I have ever known.  I guess when God gives you that many boys, the only hope for sanity is to relax and enjoy the blessings.  She asked me to embroider towels for the family.  She wanted the parents' towels in one color and the boys' towels in a different color.  I chose the darker colors for the boys because I thought their towels might get a little bit dirtier. ;)

 Here they are all lined up - Dad, Mom, and the boys in age order from oldest to youngest.
I need to get another one made up pretty soon, because they are getting ready to have another boy!  God has amazing plans for these guys!

Owl Backpack

This past August I had a customer bring me this cute owl backpack and lunch box.  She had found it at our local grocery store and wanted it embroidered for a friend who was starting preschool.  It's always fun for me to try new things and get to embroider on fun stuff like this.  
I love this font with the dots and I think it looks really cute with the polka dots on the backpack and lunch box.  And such a cute name.  We have several people in my family with Campbell as their middle name.