Thursday, August 23, 2012

PJ Style

Several years ago I bought some really fancy embroidery software.  It does all sorts of things that I still haven't figured out.  I use it (at least in little ways) on almost every embroidery project I do.  But, one of the major capabilities of it is digitizing.  This is taking an image and making it into a file that my embroidery machine can use.  I have done some work with this aspect of the machine, but never much that I've been very happy with.  A couple of months ago, Super D told me about a friend of his that writes children's books.  He had a logo that he wanted digitized and sewn out onto some polo shirts.  I gulped and said send me the logo.  He sent it to me and it looked relatively simple, so I decided I would give it a try.  I digitized it, sewed out a sample, and showed it to the customer.  He was happy with it and asked me to embroider it onto 5 polos.  I just finished them last week.  He came and picked them up and brought me 10 more polos.

Here is the logo I was digitizing:
 And here is the logo sewn out on a polo shirt:

Feel free to check out to see what my customer is up to.

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pjsytle said...

You did great work and a great price too. I am very happy. Thanks for the Link. PJ (aka Phil)