Friday, December 18, 2009

Sew & Tell

On Sunday I finished the sleeping bag for Sweet Pea. The zipper just about killed me, but I managed and it works. Woohoo! It turned out great and I'm really happy with it. And just finished Sweet Pea's bean bag chair today. They both have her name embroidered on it with Curlz font - my fav for girls. This bean bag chair took WAY longer than I expected, but it's done and it looks good. I used a tutorial from here to make the bean bag chair.
The saga with Bubbo's stuff continues. I decided that I am going to make his bean bag chair out of all denim, so I don't have to wait on the sheet for that. I'm hoping to finish that this weekend. I called The Company Store yesterday to ask about his sheet. They said it had just come into the warehouse and would ship out in 2-3 business days and then take about 6 days to get to me - not before Christmas. I got transferred to several different people in an effort to help me. The final deal I ended with after talking to a supervisor? Overnight Fed-Ex shipping (costing over $5 more than the sheet itself). We're still not sure whether it will get here in time because it has to go through quality control and stuff before it gets shipped out, but I was VERY happy with how The Company Store handled it. They did a great job. So, we shall see if it gets here in time and if I can get the sleeping bag made before Christmas morning. Nothing like getting things done at the last minute. :)

1. Make a pincusion for my friend's birthday - due Saturday 11/14
2. Make a Christmas pillowcase dress for Sweet Pea - due Monday 11/30
3. Make a matching Christmas shirt for Bubbo - due Monday 11/30
4. Make flag with Precious S - due Tuesday 12/1
5. Make Teacher's gifts for Sweet Pea & Bubbo's teachers - due Friday 12/18
6. Secret Christmas present project - due Friday 12/25
7. Secret Christmas present project - due Friday 12/25
8. Make sleeping bag for Sweet Pea - due Friday 12/25
9. Make sleeping bag for Bubbo - due Friday 12/25
10. Make bean bag chair for Sweet Pea - due Friday 12/25
11. Make bean bag chair for Bubbo - due Friday 12/25
And I'm participating in Sew & Tell, so head on over here to check out what others have been working on this week.


Sara said...

That is an adorable sleeping bag - I never even would have thought of making a sleeping bag. And, a bean bag chair - you are talented!

beth said...

wow! your list is almost complete and the beanbags are GREAT!!

Lesly said...

Wow, a sleeping bag and a beanbag chair! Such ambitious projects and they look great! I hope you get the materials for the other one in time for Christmas!

Catherine said...

Two great finishes for you. Love the cute pink fabric.

Kimberly Cherrine-Bell said...

Love the bean bag chair . Very cute. Have a Merry Christmas

Leslie said...

these are awesome...i thought i had recognized that fabric from somewhere. what a great way to get a lot of yardage of something. both finishes are amazing. love the sleeping bag

Rene' said...

You did a great job with the sleeping bag and the bean bag chair. Lovely fabrics. Good luck with receiving the other material before Christmas. Thanks for sharing your Friday finish.

Amy and Evan said...

They look great! I am excited for you that the fabric came in for James' sleeping bag (later post) too. I REALLY like the pink horse fabric you used for E's sleeping bag and chair. I am impressed!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Love the sleeping bag and matching bean bag chair! Too cute!

Tricia Anne said...

What a darling sleeping bag!
I love it! :o) Tricia Anne