Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Teacher's Gifts - check

The teacher's gifts have been finished, filled with goodies, and delivered to the kids' teachers. I made these using 7 Layer Studio's tutorial. I just changed the dimensions up to get a bigger bag. I wanted to make these so they could be used year-round, but still looked good with the Christmas stuff that I put inside them. I think the black, white and red turned out nice.Sweet Pea, Bubbo, and I made some chocolate-caramel popcorn and put it in those little green take-out containers. I also stuck in a little snowman filled with handsoap and some candy.

1. Make a pincusion for my friend's birthday - due Saturday 11/14
2. Make a Christmas pillowcase dress for Sweet Pea - due Monday 11/30
3. Make a matching Christmas shirt for Bubbo - due Monday 11/30
4. Make flag with Precious S - due Tuesday 12/1
5. Make Teacher's gifts for Sweet Pea & Bubbo's teachers - due Friday 12/18
6. Secret Christmas present project - due Friday 12/25
7. Secret Christmas present project - due Friday 12/25
8. Make sleeping bag for Sweet Pea - due Friday 12/25
9. Make sleeping bag for Bubbo - due Friday 12/25
10. Make bean bag chair for Sweet Pea - due Friday 12/25
11. Make bean bag chair for Bubbo - due Friday 12/25
I have hit a dilemma. Some of the fabric that I am using for the sleeping bags and bean bag chairs is a flat sheet. I ordered two flat sheets at the same time. Sweet Pea's came in and Bubbo's is still backordered. I have called the company and they don't when it is coming in. I'm trying to decide if I should use a back-up sheet that I got that will be cute, but not nearly as cute. Or go with the fact that Bubbo is only 2 and won't really notice, nor care very much whether he has a sleeping bag and bean bag chair with a cover under the tree come Christmas morning. I'm leaning towards waiting for the sheet and just finishing the stuff after Christmas but haven't made a final decision. We'll see what happens.

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Stephanie said...

wait for the MUCH cuter sheet :D