Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Love Candy Corn

I'm not sure why, but I love candy corn.  I like to eat them, but I love to sew them and decorate with them even more.  They're cute, bright, and fun.  

Every year at Sweet Pea's school they celebrate Red Ribbon Week close to Halloween.  I actually think this is a nationwide celebration of saying no to drugs.  Good stuff.  For the week her school has different themes for each day and they're supposed to dress up according to the theme.  One of the days this past year was something along the lines of "good friends help you stay drug free" and they were supposed to dress up like a friend.  Now, we could make this easy and have Sweet Pea wear her school shirt and match many of the other kids in her class, but I always like an excuse to sew something up at the last minute. :)  Since it was close to Halloween I decided on this adorable candy corn alphabet applique design.  I made one for Sweet Pea and one for one of her friends.  

And because I love candy corn and fun ribbon and cute Halloween stuff, I decided we should make bows.  If you know Sweet Pea at all, you know she's not a bow girl.  She chooses comfy sweatpants over cute skirts, hair down over fun hairstyles, and stuffed animals over dolls.  But, I saw this as an opportunity that maybe I could talk her into wearing a bow if her friend was wearing one.  Her friend is also not a bow girl (probably why they get along so well), but they both agreed to wear one.  I love the way it turned out.    
And the whole ensemble:  If you like bows, enjoy this picture.  It is one of the few times you will see a bow on my blog. :) 

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